Know-how and services

Assistance for activities in China

  • Walking conferences in Beijing

  • Translation services & negotiation advice

  • Commercial prospecting and sourcing in China

  • Intelligence on market and regulatory compliance

  • Registration in China of companies and trademarks

  • Profiling of local partners: notoriety, core values, credentials, reliability

Chinese branding and communication

  • Exclusive design of a Chinese trademarks for brands and companies

  • Registration in China of Chinese and English trademarks

  • Multilingual communication plans

Cultural, societal and regulatory decoding

  • Before and after registration

  • Before and after negotiations

  • During the phase of the design of projects and products

Cultural coaching

  • Coaching on cross-cultural issues

    • Know the Chinese culture and the business environment in China

    • Perform effectively in cross-cultural situations and enjoy the life in China

    • Online individual session on a specific issue

    • On site programs for individuals, families and companies

  • Crash course on the Chinese culture and the adaptation to the life in China

Key-notes on China and cross-cultural issues

  • Walking conferences in Beijing.

  • Keys to understand China today: historical, sociological and demographic keys, characteristics of the Chinese culture, generation gaps in China, a particular legal environment

  • Cross-cultural management in China: perception of time, perception of hierarchy, elusiveness and the control of uncertainty, the art of negotiation in the Chinese way, sincerity vs reliability or how to build trust

  • Social rules and protocols in China: gestures of politeness, take and make compliments, the expression of alien social norms, culture shocks and adaptation cycles

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Last update July 29, 2020